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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Q: What’s the favorite wine grape of Georgia?
A: Peanut Noir.

This month’s Guild event will be held this evening at one of my favorite restaurants - Rosebud, conveniently located just up the road from the Mistress of Sarcasm’s place.

It will be a celebration of Oregon pinot noirs, with especial focus on the Willamette Valley and the great 2008 vintage. That it will be a red wine-themed event is good enough for me: the location simply adds to the attraction with its Southern-inspired dishes based on fresh, mostly local ingredients.

As usual, I’m hoping that the Cranky, Superannuated Paraplegic and Houston Steve will both be there, adding their political palaver to the general merriment. Here’s what’s on the Food ’n’ Drink Docket:

Speaker’s Wine:
2008 Stangeland Pinot Gris - Eola-Amity Hills, Willamette Valley

First Flight:
2008 Red Hawk “Grateful Red” - Willamette Valley
2008 A to Z Oregon Pinot Noir
2009 Willamette Valley Vineyards “Whole Cluster Fermented”***

Alaskan salmon tartare with grained mustard, sorghum, fried capers & pinot braised apricots

Second Flight:
2008 Panther Creek “Winemaker’s Cuveé” - Willamette Valley
2008 McMurray Ranch - Willamette Valley
2008 Domaine Serene “Yamhill Cuvee” - Willamette Valley***

Mexican Coca-Cola braised duck, African squash purée & scuppernong preserve

Third Flight:
2009 Namasté Willamette Valley “Prosperity”****
2009 Eyrie - Dundee Hills - Willamette Valley
2008 Soter Mineral Springs Ranch - Willamette Valley***

Vanilla roasted Berkshire pork loin, braised local greens & smoked apple potato purée

2008 Girardet Gewurztraminer “Frostbite” - Southern Oregon****

Pinot braised pears, White Lily sweet biscuit & buttermilk ice cream

1999 Archery Summit Premier Cuvée - Willamette Valley

This ought to be a good one. I’ll provide the usual post-mortem after it’s all over.

Preferences noted with asterisks. A few pleasant surprises - the peppery Namasté, the wonderful nose on the Willamette Valley Vineyards Whole Cluster - but if I’m going to spend, say, $30 on a bottle of wine, I’m better off buying a bottle of Hall cabernet at Costco. Of course, that’s just my opinion... I could be wrong.

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