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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Evil twins, separated at birth?

Bozo and His Rocket Ship

Scary the Clown

These images remind me of the 1938 B-movie classic Angels with Dirty Faces, starring James Cagney and Pat O’Brien and featuring the Dead End Kids. As the movie begins, young hooligans Rocky Sullivan (Cagney) and Jerry Connolly (O’Brien) are robbing a railroad car. A cop gives chase, and as the two are making their escape, Rocky saves Jerry’s life by yanking him out of the way of a train. But Jerry is the faster of the two, and he is able to get away, while Rocky is collared and sent to reform school. He grows up to become a career criminal, while Jerry takes the opposite path, becoming a priest.

Could this be what happened here? Did Bozo (here pictured using advanced transportation to visit an array of ethnic stereotypes) run just a little faster, evading whatever passes for the Railroad Bull in Clowny World, leaving his twin brother to spend a life behind bars? One can only speculate.

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