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Friday, September 2, 2011


Hakuna Considers Her Next Move
“OK, so it’s my turn. Now what?”

Once upon a time, Friday was the day of choice for bloggers to post photographs of their cats. That, of course, was before cats took over the Internet.

I’ve been lax about posting pics of Hakuna lately. As a Matronly Dowager-Kitty, she tends to sleep a lot during the day, and I don’t like to pester her overmuch with the camera. And Bernadette, who is bunking in with us while the Mistress of Sarcasm travels around the Northeast, is notoriously shy, so capturing her on film a CCD sensor is tricky business.

Rahel, however, has not let me off the hook... and so, submitted for your approval is the above shot of Hakuna as she considers her next move in the Chess Game of Life.

1 comment:

Rahel said...

Yeah, I begged. I need a dose of Hakuna occasionally.

Thank you, Elisson, thank you!

And to Hakuna: skritch, skritch, skritch....