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Monday, September 26, 2011


Action News Chopper
The Channel 2 Action News Chopper perches above Chez Elisson.

I don’t know about you, but it always makes us a little nervous when either (1) a police helicopter, or (2) a television news helicopter is hovering just a few hundred feet above our house. And so, when the Missus and I heard the sound of what turned out to be the Channel 2 Action News Chopper, we stepped outside to investigate.

It appears there had been a gas main break on the Big Street right outside our neighborhood. Fortunately, by the time the chopper showed up, the break had been repaired and traffic had once again been allowed to resume. Nothing will ruin your day like a humongous gas explosion a couple hundred yards from your front door.


Jim - PRS said...

Helicopters above the House by the Parkway almost always signals mayhem on the highway. Unsettling, indeed.

Wilma said...

I wouldn't have even noticed it. We live right in Helicopter Alley for the military helicopters from the base a mile away. We only notice them when they're particularly low and the house shakes. LOL