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Sunday, April 24, 2011


It was Easter morning, and the Radcliffe children awakened early.

Breakfasted and dressed in their holiday finery, the family went to church. The kids fidgeted in the pews, anxious for services to end... for that’s when the fun would begin. Easter eggs!

Nothing save Christmas morning was anticipated as eagerly as the annual Egg Hunt.

But this year something was amiss. Instead of dyed eggs, all the childrens’ searching turned up were gnarled, rock-like objects.

They brought their baskets to Dad, who looked appraisingly at the brightly painted bivalves.

“Looks like the Oyster Bunny paid us a visit this year.”

[Originally published at Blog d’Elisson.]

1 comment:

Houston Steve said...

Next year perhaps there will be little roll-mops of herring, courtesy of the OyVeyster Bunny.