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Sunday, April 24, 2011


I wonder why the armadillo
Prefers the asphalt for his pillow.
No armor shields him from his fate
All smashed upon the Interstate.
To suffer such a tragic trauma
Can only be the fault of Car-ma.


Kris said...


og said...

carma and truckma.

Actually, it's the Armadillo's only defense mechanism; when startled, they jump straight up in the air. It's a hoot to watch them running around the back forty, sneak up with an air horn, and watch them spring aloft like wile-e coyote on too much caffeine.

Problem is, when they are startled by, say, a semi, the "Jumping straight up" bit gets thgem entangled with the undercarriage of the vehicle.

I've seen places where guys in hazmat suits with metal hooks de-armadillo the underside of trucks in heavily dillos populated areas.

Jack said...

Car-ma: To be road kill or soup now that is a hard question to answer.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Hahaha! Fun one.

Anonymous said...

.... absolutely lovely.....