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Friday, December 2, 2011


Bernie at Home
Bernadette Catstro demonstrates the classic Meatloaf Position.

Well, OK - not the weekend. But part of the weekend.

Upon arriving at the Mistress of Sarcasm’s place the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we had a chance to get reacquainted with Bernadette Catstro, who had been our houseguest a few months back.

When she was staying at our house, Bernadette was very shy and aloof, preferring to spend her time parked under the bed or roaming the house away from any human presence. This might have been a result of our efforts to keep her separated from Hakuna, who - based on our experience with the Mistress’s late kitty Neighbor - does not play well with others. Maybe there was a vibe in the house that brought out her shy side... or maybe it was the absence of the Mistress, whom she loves deeply.

But now that she is established in her new home, Bernadette is positively affectionate. She may not run out of her room to hang with the humanfolk, but she at least will suffer herself to be petted and loved. Lookee:

Cat Hat
Call: A cat is not a hat.
Response: It is if you wear one on your head!

She even tolerates Ellie May, the Resident Hound. Hell, she even tolerates me!

Happy Grandpa

All of which makes us very happy... because there may be plenty of pettable, skritchable kitties out there, but there is none so soft and squishy as Bernie!

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Rahel said...

Awww... sweet! Skritch, skritch, skritch....