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Monday, December 19, 2011


Alert Hakuna
Hakuna strikes an attentive pose, flashing her baby blues. [Click to embiggen.]

This morning Hakuna had parked herself on the landing of our front staircase, a perfect place to stretch out and catch a few z’s in the warmth of the morning sun. She was relaxed and comfortable, so much so that she made no attempt to leave when I brought out the Nikon.

I took a few shots of her as she reclined, her coloring reminding me of nothing so much as a warm cup of mocha and cream... but when she sat up and looked at me with those piercing blue eyes, I knew I had the picture I wanted. Sometimes you just have to wait until the moment is right.


Pammy said...

That is one beooootyful kitty.

Rahel said...

Ahhhhh. Thank you so much, Elisson.

Please pet Hakuna for me. What a lovely, lovely lady.

Claude said...

I put Hakuna full screen, and stared eyes-to-eyes. She never moved, or blinked. I'm the one who gave up. I felt she could see my inner self. Very intimidating. She has class...