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Monday, March 28, 2011


Steampunk Kid
Not just any random steampunk: this is none other than Elder Daughter.

O tell me, tell me, Lady Steampunk:
When you eat doughnuts, do you dunk?
Do you travel with a steamer trunk?
Does the steam make all your clothing shrunk?
Do you listen to Hip-Hop? Or James Brown’s funk?
When you go out on weekends, do you get drunk?
Or are you ascetic, like a Buddhist monk?
At camp, do you grab the bottom bunk?
Is your boyfriend a schlub, or a good-looking hunk?
In the Tunnel of Love, did your boat get sunk?
Is your car a Ferrari, or a piece of junk?
Grammatically, are you like White and Strunk?
Have you thought all the thoughts than can be thunk?

1 comment:

K-nine said...

Is your steam engine clean, or all fouled with gunk?
Did you do well in college, make A's and not flunk?