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Tuesday, March 29, 2011



This evening’s Sommelier Guild event will be at Paul’s Restaurant in Peachtree Hills. The featured wines at this sharply-focused dinner will - except for the Speaker’s Wine - all be Zinfandels from Dry Creek Valley in California.

I’m looking forward to a pleasant evening of excellent wines and good food. Alas, this evening’s repast will not be punctuated by the respective wingnut and moonbat rantings of Denny and Houston Steve. (Actually, they’re usually very well behaved when they’re together. Must be the wine... or my moderating influence. Heh.) Denny is off skiing, and Houston Steve is in the midst of the last few days of frenetic activity before his daughter’s wedding this weekend.

Speaker’s Wine:
2009 Quivira Sauvignon Blanc “Fig Tree”

First Flight:
2007 Brazin (Old Vine)**
2007 Brazin “Fall Creek”**
2007 Brazin “Sommer”***

Coriander crusted Maple Leaf duck, truffled celery root purée, pomegranate reduction

Second Flight:
2007 Lake Sonoma***
2007 Fritz “Estate”***
2007 2Sons “The Federalist Visionary”**
2007 Quivira

Grilled lamb chops, forest mushrooms, eggplant zucchini tart, caramelized garlic au jus

Third Flight:
2007 Ridge “Lytton Springs”***
2008 Rancho Zabaco (Reserve)
2008 The Other Guys “Plungerhead”**
2009 Mauritson***

Zinfandel braised shortribs, crushed tomato pappardelle pasta, eggplant, June peas and mushrooms

Grand Marnier raspberry soufflé

1994 Ridge “Lytton Springs”
1999 Martinelli (Russian River Valley)
1999 Martinelli “Jackass Vineyard” (Russian River Valley)
2002 Turley “Grist Vineyard”**
2002 A. Rafanelli**
2005 Bella Late Harvest**

Wow... that’s a dozen and a half different wines, and not a clunker in the lot! (Well, maybe one or two clunkers. The rest were mostly excellent.) As usual, my preferences are indicated by asterisks.

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