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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Talmudic Levon


There is so much I yearn to know
And places where I’d like to go
Atop the case with all the books
With photographs in hidden nooks
Behind the couch and on the floor
And in the world beyond the door

I curl up in the bathroom sink
In shower stalls I take a drink
In Daddy’s closet I might hide
(I hope I don’t get locked inside!)
The DVR warms my behind
While I grab the cord on the Venetian blind

The defining trait of cats, you see:
Is our “’satiable curtiosity!”

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Rahel Jaskow said...

Rabbi Meow-ir asks: When is the earliest time to serve the cat breakfast? The sages said: An hour before sunrise. Rabbi Pawpaw said: When the cat wakes up and asks for it. Said Rabbi Parvah: If there is kibble in the dish from the night before, we assume that the cat is not hungry and may sleep a little longer. Rabbi Girgur says: If there is kibble in the dish from the night before and the cat lies beside you in bed, relaxed and purring, you may luxuriate in bed till after sunrise. The sages rebuked him: And what about attending prayers on time? Said Rabbi Girgur: Is it not better to attend prayers after doing a meowtzvah -- in this case, that of comforting and feeding one's cat?