Dazed and confused? Not me. I’m just Lost in the Cheese Aisle.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I tried to grab hold of my ladyfriend’s titty -
There’s a slap for that.

Phat beats from the ghetto are heard through the city -
There’s a rap for that.

My eyelids are droopy; I must needs to sleep -
There’s a nap for that.

Quick, comfort the baby, so that she not weep -
There’s a lap for that.

I need to go purchase a new pair of jeans –
There’s a Gap for that.

My bowel is full after eating baked beans –
There’s a crap for that.

The audience cheers for the acting I do –
There’s a clap for that.

I fear I am lost; O, how shall I get through?
There’s a map for that.

My head is so cold as the fall breezes blow –
There’s a cap for that.

And, should I need water, say, where does it flow?
There’s a tap for that.

Now, what’s to prevent my ball reaching the green?
There’s a trap for that.

For riders to hang on, in Brooklyn and Queens –
There’s a strap for that.


K-nine said...

Who pens a poem in Steve Job's name?
There's a sap for that
Should someone want to tease that one and the same-
There's a yap for that.

El Capitan said...

Got a crack in your tile?
There's a Dap for that!

Need to store some muffins?
Use Reynold's Wrap for that!

No one's willing to $#%* you?
There's a fap for that!

LOL! I'll be making this stuff up all afternoon, now...

K-nine said...

Gyno needing something to smear?
There's a pap for that.

Elisson said...

This is getting better and better.

Elisson said...

Saint John gonna put you to the "tist"?

There's a bap for that.

K-nine said...

Insects and a florescent light...
There's a zap for that.

K-nine said...

Need to feed the dog tonight?
There's a scrap for that.

Houston Steve said...

Got an old Instamatic and some 126 film -
There's a snap for that

K-nine said...

At the risk of going too far... As is my natural wont:

Attacking pearl harbor?
There's a Jap for that.

joated said...


Cowtown Pattie said...

Running to the john late at night?

There's a flap for that...

Anonymous said...

"ladyfriend", you say?

that's wrong on several levels.