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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Ceviche peruana - Peruvian-style ceviche.

Last week when I was down in Tampa visiting with my legendary Aunt Marge, we dined at a little hole-in-the-wall Peruvian steakhouse. Given that it was, indeed, a steak place, I opted for Red Meat - a cut of flank steak known as vacio. But Marge loves a Peruvian ceviche, with nice chunks of fish in a marinade of lime juice, garlic, onion, and a touch of fiery capsicum... and our little steakhouse did not disappoint.

Ceviche, AKA seviche, is a sort of gateway drug, overindulgence in which may lead to the eventual consumption of sashimi and sushi. The fish is raw, but marination in acidic citrus juice seemingly “cooks” its flesh by denaturing the proteins. (Since no heat is involved, the fish used - as in any raw preparations - must be free of bacteria and parasites. But if you’re eating ceviche, you’re clearly not the type to worry overmuch about a few bacteria or parasites, now, are you?)

After tasting the restaurant’s version, I wanted to try my own hand at making a Peruvian ceviche. My mind was made up when Dee and I saw a nice hunk of corvina - a firm-fleshed fish traditionally used for the dish - at Costco.

My only recommendation? Make plenty. It’s good and good for you, too. And now I can make it for Marge next time I visit, whether we go to that little steakhouse or not.


Kevin Kim said...

C E V I I I I I I I I C H E E E E E E E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

That is all.

Maven said...

Recently we went to Zengo NYC (I'm sure they have an outpost elsewhere), and turned the Maharajah onto ceviche. Now you've got me thinking... I need to google recipes!