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Monday, October 28, 2013


Tate RR HDR - 4
The old Tate rail depot. [Click to embiggen.]

This Sunday, we took a drive in the hills just north of town and happened upon a dilapidated old railroad depot in the hamlet of Tate.

A little research uncovered the fact that the building had been constructed back in 1916 by the L&N (Louisville and Nashville) Railroad and that as recently as 1966 it was still in service and (outwardly, anyway) in good condition. Now? Not so much. Nevertheless, it’s still a fine subject for photography.

Tate RR HDR - 1

Tate RR HDR - 3

We will want to come back. In a week or so, the leaves in the nearby hills will be bursting with their full fall colors... and there’s also the Tate House, built in the 1920’s by “Colonel Sam” Tate and sheathed in gorgeous pink Etowah marble, mined from the local veins.

Tate RR - 1

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Rahel Jaskow said...

Wonderful pictures, Elisson. My camera just told me it would love to go there, too!