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Saturday, June 15, 2013


...is a challenging task when it involves a cat.  Especially this one:

Formal Levon
Levon sits for a formal portrait. Photo ©2013 Gary Feinberg Photography.

Unlike his predecessor-kitties Hakuna and Matata, Levon generally does not sit still while I try to photograph hm while he performs his numerous Kittenish Tasks.  Matata was a notorious lens-whore, while Hakuna was mostly oblivious to the camera; Levon, by contrast, will take off once he notices the baleful glare of the lens.

When our friend Gary posted this photograph of Levon on Facebook (he and JoAnn had been cat-sitting him during our recent trip to New York and Philadelphia), I wondered just how many shots he had to take to capture this Formal Portrait.  Eighty-seven?  Two hundred?

Turns out, he took exactly two shots.  Two. Shots.

I’ll give the boy credit.  He’s talented and efficient!

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Rahel Jaskow said...

Pure feline beauty. I wanna pet him.