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Friday, May 24, 2013


Martha and the Mistress
Martha Stewart, adorned with the Mistress’s needle-felted finger puppets. Photo pinched from Martha Stewart’s official blog, “Martha: Up Close & Personal.” ©2013 Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

I have to admit, there were times when I questioned whether the Mistress of Sarcasm knew what she was doing when she shifted most of her artistic output from hand-made jewelry to needle-felted finger puppets.  Was there really a market for these whimsical little creations?  Could she actually make a living - or most of one, anyway - with an inchoate mass of wool and a barbed needle?

I need not have been overly concerned, it seems.

Seeing is believing, Esteemed Readers.  The Mistress makes these little beasties come to life, each one with its own distinctive personality... and they are making new friends.

At last weekend’s Trade Secrets garden show in Sharon, Connecticut, they caught the eye of Martha Stewart, who dubbed them “adorable.”  And that, Esteemed Readers, is a Good Thing... innit?


Kevin Kim said...

A brush with fame... and Martha even looks a bit like the Mistress!

You guys related?

Erica said...

So kvell-worthy. I love Martha, and now I love her more, because she clearly has excellent taste.

DogsDontPurr said...

OMG...this is so exciting! And yes, definitely a "Good Thing."

I got in early and bought one of Jocelyn's fan necklaces. (I knew a "Good Thing" when I saw it!) And it really is one of my most favorite pieces...it brings lots of compliments.

Now I can say I knew her when....

Cheers to much success!!

LauraB said...

Ditto on the necklace - I adore ravens, it was perfect...but those little darlings? Really cute! LOVE them!