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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Summer Berry Pie
Summer berry pie... an appropriate way to celebrate Pi Day even if it isn’t quite spring yet.

Today is Pi Day, March 14, often rendered as 3.14 in American English.

It’s also the day on which Albert Einstein’s birthday is celebrated in his adopted home of Princeton, New Jersey.  That’s convenient, because it’s actually his birthday - he would have been 134 years old today.  Take those digits and rearrange them and what do you get?  314 - March 14, again!  (Weird, eh?)

To celebrate the occasion, I am happy to reprint one of my favorite 100-word stories: Pie-Eyed Jeremy, originally posted in June 2006.  Enjoy.


Jeremy loved pie.

Jeremy loved pie with a white-hot passion.

No birthday cake for him. It had to be pie, only pie.

Dutch Apple. Mince. Blueberry. Rhubarb. Pumpkin. Coconut Custard. Steak and Kidney. Chicken Pot. If it was a pie, Jeremy would seek it out and devour it.

But pies were expensive. Fillings and crust cost money, which Jeremy had in short supply. Eventually, to support his pie habit, Jeremy turned to crime.

During a botched heist at Entenmann’s, two hostages died in a hail of bullets. Jeremy was arrested and convicted.

His last meal? Pie, of course. Cyanide pie.

Update: My friend Radio Richard reminds me that March 14 is also Steak and BJ Day. Celebrated exactly one month after Valentine’s Day, Steak and BJ Day serves as a male-centric counterpoint to the Holiday of Hearts and Flowers.  To wit:
Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become a commercial holiday for women. On February 14, intimate couples celebrate their love with candy, flowers, greeting cards, and other gifts of affection. Men do not want candy. Men have no need for flowers or teddy bears. There are two things men want: steak and a blow job.
Thus sayeth the originators of S&BJD. Radio Richard says he and his Missus observed the holiday in their own way - he ate a hamburger and she, a banana. That’s the spirit!

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