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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Most Wednesdays, the Minyan Boyz will convene at the local Caribou Coffee for breakfast. The menu there is by no means extensive, but in addition to the expected array of coffees, they offer a fine multi-grain hot cereal - an excellent meal with the addition of a few golden raisins and sliced almonds. Better yet, they know me well enough to have my order waiting for me before I even step up to the counter.

It ain’t Cheers, where everybody knows your name, but I’m perfectly happy if they know what I’m going to eat.

Those jolly Caribou folks like to post a trivia question every day, the correct answer to which will save you one thin dime (!) on your order. They’re generally not too challenging, meaning that I’ll know the answer four times out of five. The one they put up yesterday was especially amusing...

Caribou Trivia

Having trouble? Here’s a hint: The answer is contained within the question.


Jeffro said...

The Band!

Anonymous said...

Sort of a duh question. BUT, name The Band member most famous!



Elisson said...

Well, I kinda liked Levon Helm's voice... but Robbie Robertson would be the most famous (I think!)