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Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is Veteran’s Day.

It is also November 11, 2011, the shorthand abbreviation for which is 11-11-11.

I’m posting this at eleven minutes and eleven seconds after eleven o’clock: 11:11:11.

[Alas, I won’t be around to do this again the next time it’s possible, one hundred years from now... so I may as well have my fun now. And I suspect that every other hammerhead in the Bloggy-Sphere will be doing pretty much the same thing.]

Being that it is Veteran’s Day, it’s a good opportunity to post a few pics of the family vets...

Billie Bob, USN
Billie Bob, the father of She Who Must Be Obeyed, photographed in his Navy days.

Army Phil
Uncle Phil, who served in the ETO in World War II where he had some harrowing experiences. Fortunately for us, he managed to survive ’em.

Eli, hizzownself, also served during WWII, doing stints in India and China. Alas, no photographs handy... but there’s a huge box of old pics tucked away in his attic, containing such little treasures as an autograph from one Lucille Ball, back in her B-movie actress days.

A tip of the Elisson fedora - nay, the fedora comes off! - for the men and women who have served, and who continue to serve, our country on this calendrically special Veteran’s day.


Erica said...

And I am posting this comment at 12:34...so there.

K-nine said...


K-nine said...

Damn. Missed by 3 seconds.

BobG said...

What branch was your dad in? I had an uncle who was in India and Burma during WWII.

Elisson said...

@BobG - Eli (hizzownself) was in the Army. Spent quite a lot of time in Kunming, China, helping the flyboys get over the Hump.