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Monday, August 1, 2011


For the moment, Elder Daughter is living with friends on a farm in Western Massachusetts, pending her relocation to Philadelphia.

Somehow, I never pictured Elder Daughter - an urban (and urbane) arts maven and world traveler - living the life of the Bucolic Peasantry. But there she is, and she’s savoring every moment: slaughtering chickens, milking the pigs, slopping the cows. (OK, I made the last two up.)

And - at least for the time being - she has a Tiny Kitteh!


Meet Bean, the littlest Barn Cat-in-Training. I figure it won’t be too long before Bean is making regular mouse carcass deposits in front of Elder Daughter’s door.


Rahel said...

Awww... awww... awww... hi, Bean!

Bou said...

Wait. You only made the last two up? Is she really slaughtering chickens? Not picturing that...