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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Still more stuff that should be in the dictionary but isn’t.

Long-time readers of my previous site may recall the Blog d’Elisson Dictionary, installments of which may be found in that site’s Archives.

For other entries in the Cheese Aisle Dictionary, simply click on the sidebar link for Cheese-Dic.

And now for the Word of the Day...

Kabbalapitalist [ka-ba-lap-i-ta-list] (n) - someone engaged in commercial activities involving merchandise intended to appeal to an audience with a deep interest in, and an equally deep ignorance of, Jewish mysticism; a seller of red thread and Kaballah water.

“Madonna’s music sales have been in the toilet for years, but she’s not worried about where her next meal is coming from since she became a Kabbalapitalist.”

[A tip o’ th’ Elisson fedora to Barry R. for this one!]

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