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Saturday, August 27, 2011


All this worry about the latest hurricane to hit the eastern seaboard sits like lead in my belly.

Irene is taking dead aim at Long Island, where resideth Eli and his missus, Toni... and my brother, the Other Elisson. I’m hoping that the barrier beaches provide adequate protection against the effects of the storm surge, because there’s nothing quite as nasty and destructive as rising water.

This, of course, follows right on the heels of an earthquake - not a California-size temblor, to be sure, but still the biggest seismic event to hit the East Coast in over six decades. It was enough to crack the Washington Monument and to split the spires of the National Cathedral. Yeef!

All of which demonstrates the truth of that old Yiddish proverb: Men tracht; Gott lacht. Men may make their puny plans, but a single act of God renders them ridiculous.

To all of those in harm’s way - and in the final analysis, isn’t that all of us? - may you be safe, and may you find shelter from the storm.


leelu said...

A 5.8 is a sturdy enough quake for the Left Coast. Cracked masonry in D.C., that far away from the epicenter, tells me it would have been an interesting ride on top of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, and may your loved ones in NY be well, safe, and warm.


Claude said...

Thoughts and prayers for the safety of all affected by hurricane Irene.