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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This morning, the Missus and I decided to get a little exercise... so we walked to our synagogue to attend morning minyan.

[Heh. On Shabbat, when observant Jews refrain from riding in vehicles, we drive. But this was a weekday, when riding does not transgress any of the Big Guy’s rules. The nice thing was, being that it’s a weekday, attending services - or even conducting services - may be done whilst wearing shorts and a T-shirt.]

Afterward, we breakfasted with the usual gang of Minyan Boyz, then walked home. A nice way to get a three or four miles worth of ground-pounding.

On the way home, the Missus espied a notably sizable invertebrate:

Giant-Ass Beetle

The body shape and humongous antennae indicated that this big fella was not a loathsome cock-a-roach, but rather some other horrible type of scarab. Son of a bitch could fly, too. Yeef!

What fascinated us about this critter was the way he would slowly work his way up that brick wall, falling back to the ground once he attained the level where brick gave way to glass; then, in manner Sisyphean, he would begin the slow upward slog all over again.

How like we humans he was! Struggling to climb upwards into the light of day, falling back to Square One when an obstacle presented itself, then picking himself up and beginning anew... and all the while, all he had to do was to stretch his wings and fly. How like we humans!


Anonymous said...

... actually, sir..... the reason that that species of beetle climbs is so that it can use those enormous antennae to find a mate...... the thinking being that the higher you climb, the more likely you are to catch the scent of a female beetle ready for lubb......

... the fact that he kept falling off?.... well, that just means that his chances of getting screwed are, well, it all depends on your definition of "screwed".....


Melinda said...

Did you ever figure out the name of this thing? I just saw one and found you image while searching.