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Saturday, June 25, 2011


...Hakuna surveys the world.

Atop the Armchair
Hakuna takes in the view from atop the armchair.

I was pleasantly surprised to come downstairs one afternoon to find Hakuna sitting atop the wing chair in our den, checking out the view from the sunroom windows. It’s easy to forget that, despite the fact that she is a matronly cat of sixteen summers, she’s still pretty spry!


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Very cute photo!

Rahel said...

[tiptoes into frame]

[holds out fingers to Hakuna to sniff]

[skritches Hakuna under chin, around jaw, between the ears]

[whispers and coos to Hakuna softly; looks into her gorgeous blue eyes]

[hears noise from the other room]

[hastily steps back out of frame]

Miss Elvira said...

Great photo!

But, but, but I don't see any Perch!

Nikita said Hakuna was sitting on a Perch, but there's no Fishies in the picture!