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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Some time back, I discovered this completely surreal video over at LeeAnn’s place:

So today, I stumbled upon this little gem at Regretsy, a site whose bread and butter is lampooning some of the off-kilter craftwork offered up at Etsy. Sure, the video has nothing to do with Etsy, but there’s a whole pile of posts there that focus on Random Narrischkeit. Anyway, check it out...

The guy who created this nuttiness calls himself Cyriak, and he has a video blog that is worth checking out for the sheer insanity of his little films. Like this one, a collection of interstitials he did for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim:

I might have actually seen these on the TeeVee, but I haven’t been watching a whole lot of Adult Swim lately. Seems every time I tune in, they’re showing “Family Guy” - and, quite frankly, I am thoroughly sick of it. Alas.

Meanwhile, go visit Cyriak. It’ll satisfy your jones for Psycho Videos for a long time to come.

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Kevin Kim said...

Holy fractalized Terry Gilliam farm animals, Batman!

My two favorite beasts are the "cow-rantulas" (first vid) and the long-necked sheep that vomits crawling squid-sheep (second vid).

If the guy's handle is Cyriak, I have to wonder whether he's working with a partner who goes by Koptik. Maybe it's a whole team of ancient biblical-language animators: HeBroo, Grieckque, Arra May-yick, etc.