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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We’re off to see the Wizard -
The Wonderful Wizard of Pez!

The Wizard of Pez

Is it wrong to covet this? And what’s more perverse? To own - or want to own - this Collector’s Set of Pez dispensers, or, alternatively, the one that features the major Star Wars characters?

[In case you’re curious, I have neither.]

Update: Terminal Pez-Nerds will really get their panties damp over this:

Snow White Pez
The Pez Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Collectors Set: a useful mnemonic aid for those who have trouble remembering the names of all the dwarfs.

Gee, and it comes with a storybook. I wonder what kind of story? “Snow White - Not Poisoned After All, But Choked On a Piece of Pez”?


Nancy said...

errrrrrr......when are you coming to Houston, next, 'cause I might be able to hook you up with that set...

Omnibabe said...

I have this set of vinyl figures sitting on my book shelf and they always make me smile. I think if you want them, you should have them!

Anonymous said...

... well, sir, you should own BOTH..... I shall have to fix that....

Anonymous said...

You can buy this and a lot of other Oz memorabilia at the Land of Oz and Ends store in Chittenango, NY. The website is landofozandends.com.

There was also an L. Frank Baum museum there at one time. Not sure if that's been resurrected yet. Either way, it's not worth the trip to Chittenango, lol.

Homeschool Mom

Kevin Kim said...

I've got a Darth Vader toothbrush, still in its box.