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Friday, January 21, 2011


The Energizer Bunny of snow-piles, this little mound keeps going, eleven days after the storm.

This little pile of snow is all that remains of the Great Atlanta Snow- and Ice-Storm of 2011. At least it’s all that remains around here.

The only reason it survived as long as it has is because it’s where we piled the snow we shoveled out of the driveway. But the fact that it is still there, still frozen a full eleven days after the storm, is completely remarkable. This is Atlanta, not frickin’ Milwaukee!

Update: It’s Sunday evening, a full two weeks after the storm began... and that pile is still there.

Update 2: Monday morning. Still there!

Update 3: Thursday, at mid-day... damn thing is still there! Not much left of it: a couple of snowballs worth at best. But after almost 18 days - in Atlanta, no less - the fact that there is any snow left at all is nothing short of amazing.

Update 4: Saturday, January 29. The little mound of snow has breathed its last, fully twenty days after the snow storm began. Ave atque vale, Snowball!

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og said...

In a parking lot in Downers Grove it is often posible to find a pile of still unmelted snow next to a small wooded area, often in July.

I struggled for some time to find an explanation for this phenomena, until a co-worker informed me that the wooded area concealed a prvate ice skating rink. THe pile of snow was zamboni poop.