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Thursday, January 6, 2011


A couple of years ago, I wrote about one of the local landmarks here in Atlanta: the Robert Burns House.

The house, built in 1910, is a reasonably accurate replica of the cottage wherein wee Rabbie Burns, the beloved Bard of Ayrshire, first saw the light of day almost 252 years ago. Today it serves as the monthly meeting-place of the Burns Club of Atlanta; it is not open to the public except on rare occasions. But that didn’t stop us from running over there last Sunday afternoon - it’s just a short ways down the road from where the Mistress of Sarcasm lives - and grabbing a few photographs.

Robert Burns House
Burns House stone

Looking at this simple, unassuming cottage, it’s easy enough to allow your thoughts to be transported far away in time and space, to a land of misty lochs and fens, where a few drams of uisquebae are helpful in removing the damp and chill from the bones, and where oaten bannocks bake on the hearth. Can one live in such a place and not have at least a wee bit o’ poetry in one’s soul?


Ole Phat Stu said...

Hmm, not quite right, Elisson :-(

The original is painted white, has a thatched roof, so no drainpipes, no plaque in the wall but a wooden noticeboard above the door, a high hedge on the left side and is positioned on a main road in the village of Alloway with nary a loch nor fen in view.

But they got the layout and appearance otherwise right.

Been there, done that ;-)

Elisson said...

The Atlanta house originally had a thatched roof, but it was replaced some time ago. Unlike the original, it is made from quarried stone instead of rubble and mortar.

Not a perfect replica, but it's aye a guid ane nonetheless.

The lochs and fens? Call that poetic license. ;-)