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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Greenwood’s Corn Muffins

These muffins make me lose control.
I want to cram them in my Pie-Hole.
The folks at Greenwood’s have no shame;
For Cornbread-Muffins, well-deservèd fame.

The Usual Suspects met for dinner at Greenwood’s on Green Street this evening.

Greenwood’s is a glorified meat-and-three, an unpretentious place that will put a chunk of meatloaf, some fried chicken, a rotisseried half-duck, or a slab of fish on your plate; throw in a couple of sides; and leave you wondering where how the hell you’re going to deal with the pile of food that just showed up.

In case you’re curious, the Missus and I split an order of salmon, a frequently-appearing special. And for one of the sides, I had collards. (Yes: I had greens at Greenwood’s on Green Street.)

The food is well-prepared, and there’s enough of it to ensure that only the most serious trencherman will reserve enough Gut-Space to accommodate one of Greenwood’s famous pies.

I’ve written numerous times of Greenwood’s Holy Shit Chocolate by Gawd Cream Pie. And I’ve posted photos of their other pie-related goodies. As far as I’m concerned, any discussion of desserts stops right here.

But well before you get to the desserts at Greenwood’s, you have to navigate your way through your supper... and before you even glimpse a morsel of their glorious food, you will be dealing with a plateful of the beauties pictured above: the infamous Greenwood’s Cornbread Muffins.

They are true Southern cornbread, these babies. Not especially sweet. But they have an unctuous mouthfeel and a crisp, crusty exterior that hints at the pleasures waiting within. Betcha can’t eat just one... dozen!

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Randy Rager said...

Wait, what? Rotisseried duck?!

I'd have a Rascal by now if I could get that anywhere near where I live.