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Friday, December 3, 2010


Grumpy Elisson

Stepan had a naturally sour disposition.

Perhaps his personality was inherited: His parents were notorious curmudgeons back in the Old Country. Understandable, given the grim circumstances of their life there.

But here in America, Stepan had nothing to complain about. He was a successful entrepreneur with a thriving, happy family. His health was good. Why, then, did he feel so empty?

That’s when he realized what was missing from his life: the constant griping that had been the background of his childhood. And, ever the businessman, he conjured up the perfect solution.

Meet Stepan Kvetchit, proprietor of Stepan’s Whine Bar.


Kevin Kim said...

You may be treading dangerous ground with "Stepan Kvetchit." Heh.

Speaking of exposure to constant griping during childhood, have you ever read Howard Stern's first big book, Private Parts? His description of his parents is hilarious.


Elisson said...

Not only have I read Howard Stern's book Private Parts, Kevin, I have met his sister. She used to be a bookkeeper at my Dad's company, and she reported to my brother (The Other Elisson). I once had a lengthy conversation with her... she says Howard's private persona is really quite shy and soft-spoken, very unlike the image he carries in public.