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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Get Fuzzy 082210
“Get Fuzzy,” 22 August 2010. ©2008 Darby Conley. [Click to embiggen.]

Is it my imagination, or is this the first recorded use of the term “whacks off” in a nationally syndicated comic strip?

Darby Conley - sneaky, cheeky monkey! - has pulled this sort of stuff before. Good to know that United Features Syndicate is paying attention.

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Kevin Kim said...

A Canadian friend of mine, Todd Thacker, interviewed me for the English-language version of OhMyNews (yes, that's really the title) way back in 2004. His profile of me was part of a series of profiles about bloggers affected by the South Korean government's clampdown on blogs after the dissemination of the video showing the beheading of Kim Sun-il. He titled his piece on me "Bloggerithicus Koreanus," and told me privately that he wanted to honor the blog's scatological tone by sneaking the word "anus" into the title. Todd's a cool guy, and I was tickled by his tribute, but "whacks off" may have him beat.