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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The Sommelier Guild of Atlanta celebrates the wines of Mendocino County, California this evening with a dinner at Rosebud. Here’s the Foody-and-Winey Itinerary:

Speaker’s Wines
Scharffenberger Brut (Mendocino County)
Roederer Estate Brut*** (Anderson Valley, Mendocino)

First Flight
2007 Saracina Sauvignon Blanc (Mendocino County)
2008 Bonterra Chardonnay** (Mendocino County)
2008 Handley Pinot Gris (Anderson Valley)

Peekytoe Crab Salad, Fried Capers, Vanilla & Sage Apple “Sauce,” and Carrot Chips

Second Flight
2007 Saint Gregory Pinot Meunier (Mendocino)
2007 Drew Pinot Noir “Monument Tree”** (Anderson Valley)
2007 Barnett Pinot Noir “Savoy” (Anderson Valley)

Smoked Chicken Risotto, Local Braising Greens, Dried Apricots, Midnight Moon Cheese & Hamhock Red Wine Jus

Third Flight
2003 Graziano “Coro”**** (Mendocino)
2005 Steele Zinfandel “DuPratt”** (Mendocino Ridge)
2006 Parducci Petite Syrah “True Grit” (Mendocino)
2002 Eagle Point Ranch “Coro”** (Mendocino)

Coffee Braised Beef Brisket, Garlicky Local Grits & Late Harvest Tomato-Leek Stew

2006 Graziano Late Harvest Chenin Blanc “Sweet Alexandra Norgard” (Mendocino County)

Apple Crunch Turnover, Sorghum Thyme Caramel

I’m especially interested in this event - not only is the restaurant one that I’ve visited (and enjoyed) several times, but the wines all hail from Mendocino County, a place that I have actually visited. (Never mind that it was thirty-six years ago.)

With a full dozen wines on the list, I’m gonna need a Plan B. Good thing the Mistress of Sarcasm lives just a little ways down the street from Rosebud...

Update: My favorites noted with asterisks, as usual. Alas, neither Denny nor Houston Steve was in attendance. Perhaps next time, when we have a meaty Wine Event at Abattoir.


El Capitan said...

Local grits? Can even the most fanatical locavore tell the difference between ground hominy from the greater Atlanta area and ground hominy from 150 miles down the highway?

I'll agree to the concept of terroir with wines, and even Vidalia onions. Grits? Not so much...

Elisson said...

Cap, the only difference is the additional petroleum needed to transport them non-local grits. Less transportation, better sustainability.

The free-range arugula, however, is not to be missed.