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Friday, July 2, 2010


It’s Friday, time for yet another installment of the Friday Random Ten. You know the drill: ten randomly-selected choons from the Little White Choon-Box, all listed nice and neat.

What’s playing today?
  1. Cheap Reward - Elvis Costello

  2. Shake Ya Ass - Richard Cheese

  3. Mix Tape - Avenue Q, Original Broadway Cast

  4. Reminiscing - Russell Garcia, The Time Machine (1960)

  5. Soma - Smashing Pumpkins

  6. On The Run - Easy Star All-Stars

    From Dub Side of the Moon, a reggae cover of the Pink Floyd classic.

  7. Time Out For Fun - Devo

  8. Three Is A Green Crown - The Incredible String Band

  9. In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence - Procol Harum

  10. Haqq Ali Ali - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:
    If you like qawwali, he’s your man.

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?


Erica said...

I love Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan...good peeps. :)

mark hoback said...

Well, it's Sunday now, but (re: Easy Star All Stars) on Friday I was listening to the Flaming Lips/Henry Rollins cover of Dark Side of the Moon. Sync!