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Sunday, May 10, 2015


My mom Bernice, of blessèd memory.

Dee and her mom.

Dee, flanked by the Mistress of Sarcasm and Elder Daughter.

The three moms are my mom, Dee’s mom, and Dee herself. The two kids - children without whom Momlihood is impossible - are, of course, our own two daughters.

Today is Mothers Day, and despite the fact that it was originally created to be a Greeting Card Occasion, this second Sunday in May really is a perfectly appropriate time to remember the mothers in our lives, the people who - probably more than anyone else - have shaped our lives and personalities and made us what we are.

My own mother has been gone from this Mortal Coil for twenty-seven years now. Perhaps my biggest regret is that she never got to see her granddaughters grow up, never got to know them as intelligent, creative, and thoughtful adults. And for my daughters, she is but a fading memory. Alas.

But we still have plenty of mothers to be thankful for. Have you hugged a mother today?

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