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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Yabu, RIP
The late Sam Moore. Requiescat in pace, Yabu.

Sam Moore, AKA Yabu, has passed away.

I first met Sam eight years ago in Helen, Georgia, at the first (for me, anyway) of several notorious blogmeets the Missus and I attended there. He was, to use an overworked phrase, one of a kind.

And the boy sure could tell a story.

Sam entertained us with rocket launches and fireworks. I suspect he enjoyed blowing things up. And Sam stuck his thumb in the eye of all the idiots who post pictures of their dinner (myself included) by always including a plastic dinosaur or two in any photograph of food that appeared on his blog. It was his way of looking at the world.

Alas, Sam knew he was on the way out. A couple of months back, he put up what would be his final post at Bad Bad Juju, in which let us know that he was a short-timer here on Planet Earth. (The entire blog has since been taken offline, so no point providing a link.)

Those of us in the Bloggy-Verse receive, every once in a while, a reminder that it’s not just electrons and pixels that bind us. It’s life... ideas... and friendships. Of those, some are all too impermanent; others can last for eternities. Unfortunately, bloggers are people, too, and they therefore have a shelf life. Sam is not the first Online Journalist of my acquaintance who has passed on, nor will he be the last (kein ayin hara).

Ave atque vale, Sam. Now that you’re on the other side of the Veil of Mystery, may all your juju be good.

Rocket Stretch
Stretch Ascendant. Sam’s beloved Dachshund did not let his diminutive size prevent him from reaching for the heavens. This was the last photo Sam posted... a fitting valedictory.


LC Aggie Sith said...

His passing left a void :(

Godspeed to Yabu.

Velociman said...

Good old Sammy broke left, one last time. He was a great fellow. I'll miss him dearly.

Unknown said...

I am so sad to hear this - I haven't kept up with the blog-world as of late and hadn't heard he was ill. I still remember him setting off those fireworks in Helen and when the cops came, everyone ran and left me there and he was yelling, "Let's blame Canada!" I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet him. He'll be missed for sure.

Libby Spencer said...

So sad. Cool runnings Sam.

Anonymous said...

I will miss him but wherever he is sailing he is manning the foresail.

Gladorn said...

I enjoyed his blog, and I was quite shocked when he announced that he was ill and had decided to close his blog. While I never met him in person, he will be missed.

Braden said...

I will miss Yabu. He had such awesome tales to tell on his juju blog. I copied his entire site a while back before it was taken down, just in the case that I wanted to look back at what he wrote. I am thinking about putting it online for those who wish to view it.