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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Robo-Spam comments are kinda sorta like barnacles - no matter how many times you scrape your ship’s hull clean, eventually they will reappear, and, like barnacles, they can constitute a major Pain in the Arse.

I love the way the spam-writers attempt to ingratiate themselves with you.  Perhaps (they think) if I flatter this guy enough, or if I sound like I’m asking a technical question, he’ll leave my comment alone and ignore its links to spammy websites packed full of malware.  But, no.

You’ve seen ’em, of course.  They look like this:

“I am really glad I have discover your blog-ωebsite and it’s excellently ωritten informations!  Your expertise is very large, and I ωill visit this site with a great frequency.  Also, it loads very fast.  Please visit my site: dirtbags-r-us.spambot.ru”

When I get one - or a pile of ’em, since they seem to travel in packs - I am tempted to read ’em aloud in that Festrunk Brothers accent, the one Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd made famous.  “We are two ωild and crazy guys, and ωe love your blog!”  Yeah, right.


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