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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We’ve just returned from a lengthy Road Trip, the likes of which I have not endured enjoyed for thirty-nine years.  Over the course of nineteen days, we covered roughly four thousand miles in the process of traversing seventeen states, all in the aubergine-colored SWMBOMobile.

Our buttocks are sore from all that Sit-Down Time, but there is a lot to be said for seeing the country rather than merely flying over it.  The scenery along I-81, which runs through Pennsylvania, a few thin slices of Maryland and West Virginia, then down the backbone of Virginia along the Shenandoah Valley, alone is enough to make the trip worthwhile.

One of the little treasures we brought back with us (along with a prodigious amount of road dirt and windshield Bug-Guts) was a collection of etched glass goblets and tumblers handed down from SWMBO’s late grandmother.  Lookee:

Granny Glasses
Etched Depression-era glasses... not depressing at all.

These had been sitting in a dusty cardboard box in the Missus’s mom’s garage, along with all manner of other detritus that we (by which I mean the Missus) cleaned out and disposed of during our visit.  (The kind folks at Goodwill were elated, as were those at Waste Management.)

It’s a bit of a mish-mash, this glassy little treasure trove, but there are tumblers, water glasses, wine glasses, and a few cocktail coupes.  I can’t wait to mix up an Aviation and serve it up in one of these beauties... and drink to the memory of SWMBO’s Nanny Z., who, alas, has been gone from this world for over twenty years.


K-nine said...

Ah... Within the last 30 days, I myself have driven:
North Carolina
South Carolina
Back to nc

In the wee hours of the 31st day (tonight at 2am) I will board an Amtrak train which will take me from:

North Carolina
Through Virginia
New Jersey
And into New York
Depositing me at penn station.

Fellow travelers.

Elisson said...

I love the Amtrak train. The Crescent! I've taken that ride several times and am looking forward to the next.

K-nine said...

I've done local trips here to Raleigh and Charlotte and dfw to Austin on the Texas eagle, but never this far before.
It's Red's birthday today and we're gonna celebrate in the big city.
I'm looking forward to it. I'll probably put on some train music and stare out the window for the next 11 hours.

Maybe one of these days I'll stay on past Charlotte, come visit the atl and have dinner with you and your stunning bride.