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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Levon's Pad
Hey, Daddy-O... ain’t my bachelor pad the coolest? 

What’s that you say?
You want Levon?
(Don’t want a crampon or a tampon?)

The hipsters answer, “Chill out, Dad...
“Your Levon’s hangin’ at his Pad.” 

Levon’s enjoying his Bachelor Pad, all right.  Hope he still likes it in another nine days when he gets his little nutsack emptied out.  (Ouch.)

It occurs to us that this little guy is exceptionally well-traveled.  In addition to his home here in the ’burbs of north Atlanta and the cattery where he kived out his first two months, he has stayed at a laundry list of places:
  • SWMBO’s brother Morris William’s place in Denton, Texas
  • SWMBO’s mom’s place in Foat Wuth, Texas
  • A hotel room in Vicksburg, Missisippi
  • A hotel room in Philadelphia
  • The home of some of Elder Daughter’s friends in south Philly
  • The Other Elisson’s place on Long Island
  • The Mistress of Sarcasm’s place in upstate New York
  • A hotel room in Roanoke, Virginia
  • The Straight White Compound in Tennessee
  • Our friends Gary and JoAnn’s house
The amazing thing is how quickly he adapts to his surroundings no matter where he is. Right now he’s back home after having been away several days while we had our kitchen floor refinished... and it’s as though he was never gone.  He’s curled up on my office chair behind me as I type this, in one of his favorite spots. (It’s one of my favorite spots too - he’s within easy reach whenever I feel the need to give him a random skritch!)


Rahel said...

Ahhhh. Wonderful. Thank you so much, Elisson. I needed that!

[gives Levon virtual skritches and a tummy rub]

Kevin Kim said...

Wait-- there's a cat in that picture? All I see is a rectangular pad.

Omnibabe said...

If you get 'em used to it early, kitties can make wonderful travelling companions!