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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Sunset 012413
After the Rains: Sunset paints the sky on a January evening.

Yesterday was one of those classic Southern unwinterly winter days, starting out with the thermometer brushing against the 70°F mark.  You would not have been far off the mark to have observed that it was almost like springtime... and springtime in these parts is a double-edged sword, for along with warmer temperatures come violent storms.

While we had to endure a day with constant weather forecaster blather interspersed with thunderstorms, areas to our north were devastated by tornadoes.  It all boils down to the luck of the draw.

This morning dawned with clear skies and more seasonable temperatures... just above the freezing mark.  Yeah, welcome to Georgia - if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it’ll change.  Unless it blows you away first.

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Peter said...

Same thing happened out here in Resume Speed, Texas.