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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Bernadette on the Stairs
Bernadette regards the photographer with a semi-quizzical look.

Hakuna has gone off to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, there to romp in the fields of catnip and stands of tuna trees with her sister Matata.  And yet, Chez Elisson is not completely catless.  Not yet.

That’s because Bernadette is gracing us with her presence... at least for the time being, while the Mistress of Sarcasm is here for an extended visit.  Next week, when she heads back home to the Northeast, she’ll pack Bernie up and cram her into the car for the two-day drive.

Meanwhile, we get to enjoy the company of this exceptionally sweet kitty.  She is, to be perfectly candid, somewhat reserved except when she is relaxing on a bed.  There, the reserve vanishes and Bernie becomes a cuddly, squishy beast.

We will miss her when she’s gone.  Doubly so.


mostly cajun said...

No reason to be catless in this universe.

There are thousands of perfectly adorable, interesting personalities dressed in kitty clothing, just waiting for you.

One or two (or seven!) could be yours.


Elisson said...

@MC - True... and eventually I'm sure there will be more kitties sharing our real estate and adventures. But right now, it's just a bit too soon.

Seven, though... that might be a bit much. That's perilously close to being in Crazy Cat Peepul territory. ;-)

mostlycajun said...

Oh, I've long ago resigned myself to being "That crazy ol' guy with all those cats".


Cowtown Pattie said...

i will miss Hakuna and Matata. I had grown fond of them, even if I only knew them from their loving bloggy father.

RIP beauties.