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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Every once in a while, something will happen to remind us that the blogs we read are not just random streams of electrons, but the products of people’s intellects.

A look at my blogroll shows that I’ve met a considerable number of bloggers. But regardless of whether I’ve had a face-to-face encounter with a given Online Journalist or not, I have met enough of ’em so that I appreciate that there is at least one real live person behind every blog.

And sometimes, as it always will where real live people are concerned, life intervenes.

I’m not sure who first turned me on to Neptunus Lex. Probably Eric... although it could have been any number of my blog-friends. In any event, that was the blogname of one Captain Carroll LeFon, an honest-to-Gawd Navy flyboy - a TOPGUN pilot, no less - who wrote what I consider to be the best milblog in the ’sphere.

Captain LeFon perished in a plane crash in Nevada yesterday. Life intervenes, alas.

I will mourn him... a man with prodigious courage, skills, and intellectual gifts. A damn fine writer, too. My condolences to his family, who must now make their way in the world without his guiding hand on the controls.

Ave atque vale, Lex.

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Anonymous said...

.... I would guess that it was either Teresa or Bou..... I read him occasionally, but never really got to know him that well....


... by the way, I tried to call you today to get ducky advice.....