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Thursday, January 12, 2012


What with Kevin Kim and Eric the Blade both deeply involved in mathematics these days, I am pleased to submit for your consideration an algebra problem posited by Houston Steve:

Let V equal the volume of a circular pizza of thickness a and radius z. What is the formula for V?

[Answer will be published in the comments.]


Caltechgirl said...

That's a geometry problem not algebra.
The answer is V= (pi)z^2 * a.

Or, rather V= (pi)zza


Kevin Kim said...

Cute problem. I like it.

As for classifying it as geometry, not algebra: I'd agree that it's a geometry problem, but since geometry builds upon and often requires algebra ("V = pi*zza" is an algebraic expression, after all), it's no less an algebra problem.

Kevin Kim said...

And now I'm hungry.

Elisson said...

What Kevin said.

Randy Rager said...

Who cares? Let's eat that sucker!

Joe said...

The answer is No Anchovies

Anonymous said...


Nope...pi r round!


- Morris William