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Monday, January 30, 2012


Yet more stuff that should be in the dictionary but isn’t.

Long-time readers of my previous site may recall the Blog d’Elisson Dictionary, installments of which may be found in that site’s Archives.

For other entries in the Cheese Aisle Dictionary, simply click on the sidebar link for Cheese-Dic.

And now for the Word of the Day...

paninus [pa-ni-nus] (n) - 1. The singular of panini; 2. The unfortunate result of copulating with a woman suffering from a yeast infection.

“Roger hasn’t spoken a word to Jeannette for a month - he came down with a massive case of paninus right after they had a hot and heavy New Year’s Eve, and he hasn’t forgiven her for it yet.”


Kevin Kim said...

I'm going to be writing a post, soon, on panentheism, but now I have to avoid accidentally writing about panintheism.

Elisson said...

Panintheism: "Gawd, you've got a nasty case of paninus!"

Kevin Kim said...

Have you seen this?

For those Internet memers who are sick of planking and owling: a new meme!