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Sunday, October 2, 2011


When writing on your blog each day,
Sometimes your inspiration
May find itself all stoppered up
From mental constipation.

Unlocking the Creative Juice
Must needs cure your depression.
If you would let those juices loose,
Heed this, my little lesson:

There’s a golden stream of consciousness
From which your notions flow.
It doesn’t take a lot of work
To get your thoughts to go.

Just drink a quart of soda pop
Or a shot or two of whiskey
To fill your bladder to the top
With lots of nice hot pisskey.

Now go, let fly that Golden Stream
Release that inhibition -
No writer’s block can long withstand
A lengthy bout of pishin’!

[Based on a comment originally submitted over at Jimbo’s place.]

1 comment:

Kevin Kim said...

Two burgers and a nacho plate
Can aid the cogitation--
What started as a stoppered state
Can end in jubilation!

Along with drink, some food is nice
When in that fretful hour;
A piss is good, but shit has twice
the thought-inducing power.