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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


K-Nine Kolander
Alpha K-Nine sports an antique perforated hat. Now we know what the “K” in K-Nine stands for: Kolander!

...wants to get in on the act. Even the legendary K-Nine, who has (apparently) redirected his energies from chipmunks to colanders.

I feel as though I have accomplished something in life, albeit something completely useless. By my awesome example, I have legitimized the wearing of Perforated Headgear.

I am so proud.

Send me a photo of you with a colander on your head, and I’ll put it up right here on the Inter-Webby-Net for all to see.

Join the league of Perfect Perpetrators of Perforated Porkpies ’n’ Panamas!


K-nine said...

So... This is actually the second act I'm horning in on... I have fifty 100 word stories so far. I'm half way to a book of my own. Yours stays on my desk in easy reach for inspiration.
(anybody who doesn't have a copy of 'shorts in a wad'... BUY ONE. Worth every penny)

Anonymous said...

Would you say it was a *horde* of people wearing colander hats?
- z