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Friday, February 18, 2011


Beet Salad - Golden
Roasted golden beet salad.

The Missus thinks I’m obsessed with beets.

Can’t say I blame her. I’ve been cranking out one or both of these beet salads almost every week. She won’t go near ’em; the job of consuming them is left to me, alas.

When you roast these babies up, dice ’em, and doctor ’em up with sherry vinegar, tarragon, orange zest, olive oil, and a few blood orange segments, they no longer taste of the dirt they grew in: They taste of ambrosia.

But this is ambrosia with some horrifying side effects on the excretory system - appearance-wise, anyway. More than that would be TMI for a family blog.

Beet Salad - Red
Roasted red beet salad.

Beets. Can’t beat ’em!


Danielle said...

You can't beat a beet. You gonna share recipes, or just taunt us with pictures?

Unknown said...

I can still taste the dirt super taster that I am.