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Friday, June 21, 2013


There’s a new sandwich in town... and it’s kicking serious ass.   It’s PB&B.

PB&J? you ask.

No, I answer: PB&B.

Wuddat? you ask.

It’s peanut butter and blatjang.

WTF is blatjang? you ask.

Keesie could tell you. It’s South African-style chutney.

Take the bread of your choice... as long as your choice is a stout whole-grain loaf.  Your Wonder Bread won’t hold up to this mighty filling.  Lightly toast a couple of slices.  You want your toast dark?  Knock yourself out: This sandwich can take it.  Carbon, schmarbon, it says.

Trowel a thick coating of peanut butter onto one slice.  Crunchy, extra crunchy, smooth - whatever you prefer.  My choice was Smucker’s Natural, the chunky version.  It’s powerful chunky.

On the other slice, apply a layer of blatjang.  I used Mrs. H. S. Ball’s Chilli Chutney, AKA rissie blatjang. It’s powerful tasty.

Slap those two slices of bread together.  Cut ’em in squares, cut ’em in triangles, I don’t give a rat’s ass.  Hey, you can even cut the crusts off if you want, you pinky-raising wimp.  Stick the whole mess on a plate.  Or a paper towel.  Or just hold it in your hand.  It won’t be around long.

Now bite into that bad boy.  See how the savory, salty peanut butter harmonizes with the sweet-sour heat of the chutney.  Feel free to smile.

PB&B.  It’s powerful good.

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