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Thursday, June 13, 2013


When we were in New York last week visiting Eli (hizzownself) and The Other Elisson, She Who Must Be Obeyed and the Mistress of Sarcasm made a little side trip to Whole Paycheck Foods to forage for some Lunchly Grub.

They came back with a pleasant enough array of foodstuffs, but it’s what they left behind at Whole Foods that fascinated me.  Lookee:

Ostrich Eggs!
Ostrich eggs.  Want to make an omelette?  You’re gonna need a bigger pan.

Ostrich eggs!

Those are great big bastards, indeed, and you might assume that a brace of ’em could feed a small army.  Well, maybe... but at forty bucks apiece, is an ostrich egg a good deal?


Looking at the weight and volume of its contents, one ostrich egg is roughly equivalent to two dozen chicken eggs.  That’s enough to make a great big honkin’ omelette, but if you buy an ostrich egg at Whole Foods, you’re paying about ten times the price of the same amount of garden-variety cacklefruit.  Now, I can appreciate the novelty value of eating certain things (raw whale, anyone?), but that’s a lot of money for an egg... even if it came from a cage-free ostrich raised in an environment absent hormones or antibiotics, massaged daily with Japanese beer.  Perhaps it is a reflection of the difficulty of harvesting the eggs: taking them away from a resentful mother ostrich capable of disemboweling a man with a single kick.

Me, if I want to eat weird eggs, I’ll go for caviar.  Or a raw quail egg with my ikura nigirizushi.

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Randy Rager said...

Jungle Jim's here in Cincinnati has them at both of their locations as well, and for the same price.

I smell some good old fashioned price fixing.