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Monday, October 31, 2016


In studying the works of Alexander Hamilton recently, I found the most remarkable document:

It is clear from the above that this particular Founding Father was fully acquainted with the value of the Tapered Doody. I propose, therefore, that the Tapered Doody be given the cognomen “Hamilton.”

A properly executed Hamilton is a rare accomplishment of which one may take considerable pride... which explains my exceptionally happy - dare I say proud? - state of mind today.


Kevin Kim said...

I'm reminded of a pamphlet-sized document in French that a friend once gave me: De la manière de chier. It was supposedly written in 18th-century French, but it was surprisingly and delightfully understandable.

Ah—and here it is, with the same devil-and-bellows cover! It apparently dates to 1743.

El Capitan said...

That being said, any irregularity in the faecal mass that causes the "Hamilton" to alter its immaculate egress and result in besmirching of the rectum shall heretofore be referred to as a "Burr".

Elisson said...

I hate to get a Burr in the Saddle, Cappy.

Kevin Kim said...

Those Burrs can be deadly.

joan steig marketos said...

Why are poops tapered at the end?
So your asshole doesn;t slam shut.