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Saturday, August 1, 2015


There’s a little bitty county in northeast Tennessee
And if you should go there, some strange sights you’ll see
The trailer parks and yards are filled with junk
But the whole dang county has gone steampunk

They wear them dark steampunky goggles
When they fly in their steam-powered dirigibobbles
They don’t care ’bout the TVA and electricity
’Cause they sit on a coal seam and the fire is free

You see steam-powered cars on the Interstate
Don’t need no Exxon - oh, boy, it’s great
Even their computers run on steam
They’ve got the water vapor-motivated calculatin’ machine

The girls wear leather helmets and Victorian skirts
And the men got dusters over their puffy shirts
Not a wrinkle to be found - creases sharp and clean
It ain’t no surprise - their irons have steam

So come on up and visit us in Steampunk County
We don’t care if you’re a Yankee or Canadian Mountie
Just don’t bring no batteries – ’lectricity’s unseemly
Here in the county where the punks are steamly

[Inspired by Alex Bledsoe’s novels of the Tufa... which, incidentally, have nothing whatsoever to do with steampunk.]

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